Bitcoin Private or ZenCash? [Which one will last the New World Order?]


                    Bitcoin Private vs ZenCash

Bitcoin Private will fork off of Zclassic and BTC, Feb 28th. Bitcoin Private is trying to fulfill Satoshi’s original vision of financial freedom via fast, low-fee, decentralized, and private transactions. Transaction speeds will be four to six times faster than Bitcoin, along with significantly lower fees. The most important aspect of Bitcoin Private is the implementation of zk-SNARKs which will allow shielded transactions – “funds are completely anonymous with no transaction or address balance appearing on the ledger”.

zk-SNARKs was originally conceived with Zcash, and then Zclassic. Due to absences of a “founders-tax” both of these projects lacked active development and a self sustaining funding model. Bitcoin Private and ZenCash have taken elements from Zcash and Zclassic to create a new self sustain privacy coin, with commercial applications .

Information on the Bitcoin Private Fork:

Date: Feb. 28th, 2018
Ratio: 1:1
Supply: 19,700,000 BTCP
Main Net Launch: Approximately 2 days after the snapshot occurs.
Supported Exchanges: TBA

Bitcoin Private is a step in the right direction, but it lacks end to end encryption like ZenCash. Privacy coins like this are still subject to governments firewalls and regulation. This is why we think ZenCash will be the number 1 privacy coin at the end of this year. Similar to Bitcoin Private, ZenCash implements zk-SNARKs, but with a combination of secure nodes that ensure another level of end to end encryption that Bitcoin Private and Monero lack.

ZenCash has created a token, but most importantly a Privacy Platform that will included much more than a secure anonymous token. Offering services such as ZenPub, ZenHide, and ZenTalk will make ZenCash the true Privacy coin and platform.

  • ZenTalk – A new type of secure communications network that allows for one-to-many communication using the blockchain to store messages permanently.
  • ZenPub – An anonymous document publishing platform using GNUnet or IPFS.
  • ZenHide – The ability to circumnavigate crypto-commerce blocking using domain fronting.

The ability to utilize ZenHide’s “domain fronting’ service is crucial in the years to come. Crypto is still a wildly unregulated space, although governments and masses are starting to slowly adopt.

Assuming we don’t go to into a nuclear war anytime soon, we can only predict a government with increasing surveillance abilities. We are already at a point now that everything is already being tapped in by the Government. Technology is amazing, but we have make sure that it stays in the peoples hand via decentralization vs centralization. This ensures a fair world and the right to keeping your information private. Once we enter a mass adoption phase in Crypto we will see ZenCash flourish.

If US decides they want to build a great firewall instead of a Trump border wall we will see privacy coins such as ZenCash and Bitcoin Private take an even bigger role in this space.

What is a privacy coin without a privacy platform?

Bitcoin Private is an amazing step, but lacks long term preparation for a New World Order, where all information is controlled and monitored via super – quantum computers. Bitcoin Private, Monero, and Zclassic would become obsolete if Governments start to control and marginalize the internet. ZenCash will be the only platform that has taken a deep look into the far distance future to prepare for the worst.

I don’t trust the government, nor should you.

Bitcoin Private whitepaper vs ZenCash white paper is laughable.

Bitcoin Private:



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