Is BTC Dead?? | ETC Airdrop CLO coin | More Countries want Crypto


It’s been a couple weeks since Bitcoin and many other alt coins experienced price corrections. So while we wait patiently for the kind of upwards movement we all know and love, here is some evidence that Bitcoin is still very much alive and making improvements.

Also for those of you who are holding Ethereum Classic, keep watching to learn how to participate in the Callisto airdrop coming up in March.
Lastly, let’s see which other countries are following in Venezuela’s footsteps and planning cryptocurrencies of their own.

Lightning Network is now launched on Bitcoin’s testnet.

The launch of Lightning Network on the testnet is a big step towards it being launched on the mainnet. If you want to learn more about Lightning Network consider checking out this link in the corner.

Take a look at Bitmain’s profits.

Another thing to consider for the proof of Bitcoin’s continued existence is the success of the company Bitmain. Bitmain is responsible for manufacturing the hardware needed to mine Bitcoin, and they managed a profit of about 4 billion last year. Now compare Bitmain to another computer chip manufacturer like Nvidia who makes hardware for high end computer games. Both of these companies made similar profits except Nvidia accomplished this after 24 years of business and Bitmain, only after four years.

If that isn’t enough,

Coinbase now officially supports Segwit

This means fees are finally dropping, which could help to encourage others to use Bitcoin on a more regular basis.

Callisto Airdrop for Ethereum Classic holders

Now for all you Ethereum Classic holders who have been enjoying it’s recent alt time highs, it could very well be explained by the anticipation of the fast approaching Callisto Airdrop set to happen in March. If you want to be sure to get the new Callisto coins, your wallet options include:

  • ClassicEtherWallet,
  • ClassicMask
  • MyEtherWallet
    If for whatever the devs of MyEtherWallet decide not to support Callisto, you can always import your MEW wallet into ClassicEtherWallet and get them that way.

RussiaIran and TurkeyIsrael to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech

Venezuela made waves when they announced the sale of their Petro coin. It probably won’t be long until countries like Russia, Iran and Israel follow suit. However these governments decide on the details of their cryptocurrencies, it’s safe to say they will be centralized and controlled. I’m curious, will you consider these to be true cryptocurrencies?

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