Can digital currencies really replace traditional money?


Many people who are enthusiastic about the idea of digital currencies will release them from the enslavement of the banks, from the lien of the credit companies.

From this segment, when you send money it passes through 7 hands until it reaches the destination and each destination on the way takes a piece.

I also want no one to touch my money and have control over it, but do I really control it with Blockchain/Tangle technology? The big question is whether I control it?! (the average person)

The answer is right now


Only today my friend lost 30 thousand dollars! One of my most popular wallets – MyEtherwallet

I told him wholeheartedly, you will never see your money.
In coincheck stole $ 500 million, luck is that coincheck law intervenes, in Israel the law does not intervene.
Even if the law were to intervene in Israel in all matters of digital currencies, they probably would not have done much for $ 30,000.


He said he made a copy of his private key and he pasted into his wallet to check something and after 30 minutes the “Hacker” emptied his wallet completely.
30 thousand dollars it can be savings of a person for 3-4 years! Sometimes more.

If such a sum had been stolen from that person’s credit card, the money would have returned to its place

How can we let this technology alone manage our lives? The blockchain.
The main problems

There is no way back after something has been sent.

The scale issue will be solved, I don’t worry about that.

But when you put a digital asset in your wallet you have to trust someone else, who made the wallet!
Unless you are one of those who knows how to read a code. and make it compile on your own then there is also a danger that you have a keylogger on your computer ..
And how do I know that Ledger nano produces reliable products? Bottom line they are just peoples.
they could make a thing that make privatekeys not randomally (even if the chance is 1 to 1000).
I can lose all my money in a minute.

I’m worried about people sending a certain amount to ETH or BTC to a particular address and forgot to write a letter!
And the money went away. where? Go find the combination of numbers and letters
Try to build a quantum computer it’s much much faster. (be careful not to explode)

How I do see digital currencies changing the financial world?

Ok so until they solve this terrible problem,
I say my opinion about digital coins,
What can happen is the “competition” banks.
Competition is a healthy thing, and right now the only competition in value between banks is who gives more expensive interest on a mortgage.
At least we’ll have the privilege of telling the bank, I want all my money now and we will not have to store everything under the floor or in our mattress.

Banks will have to compete for the customer’s attention.

Another serious problem people are talking about is volatility.
I believe that when there is agreement between countries that you can pay in Bitcoin and you can not compare it to the value of the dollar, but milk costs 0.0000003 Bitcoin and that’s it! The issue of volatility will be resolved, trading between Bitcoin and the dollar will be prohibited by law, and I assume they will find a solution to other problems regarding the volatility.

what do you think?



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