Don’t Get FROZEN – Keep Your Head on Straight For Bo$$ Profits


Markets go through bull and bear cycles. Unfortunately after an incredible bull run, we have hit a sustained pullback. The once smiling faces of jubilation have turned to frowns, doubt and disbelief. Sometimes taking a step back and zooming out of the charts is important to see the bigger picture. Without gaining some perspective, you might end up FROZEN. Do not end up like Olaf with your head cut off and unable to make necessary decisions and moves for future success. This is the time to “Let It Go” and focus on potential opportunities to accumulate (ladder) best in classcrypto’s at a discount for the long term. Although we have hit a pull back and a market lull, the overall bull run in my opinion is far from over.

The most important thing to remember is that in order to get his girl, save the Kingdom of Arendelle and reunite Anna and Elsa; Kristof and Sven had to go up mountains, down mountains, through countless obstacles including fighting an ice monster and in the end act like “The cold doesn’t bother me anyways”. In other words, by staying steady through the process of reaching their goals even through obstacles, eventually with the right plan they got there. Example: Amazon dropped from $100 to $10 after a strong bull run to the sounds of the internet stocks are dead. After it consolidated for a little while, It began an even larger ascent taking it to $100, then $300, then $500, then $750, then $1000 and now knocking on the doorsteps of $1500 and a $1 Trillion Market Cap. There will be many winners that follow long term trends like Amazon (Ecommerce), Apple (Smartphones, Apps), Facebook (Social Networking), Google (Advertising & Search), Netflix (Streaming), Salesforce (Cloud) etc

While no one knows the day to day movements and no one can predict the future, the probability is that long term we are still in the very beginnings of a major technology shift that will revolutionize the world. Many of the top crypto’s are the same promising projects; in actuality further ahead so nothing has changed long term. The only difference is the current price which in the short term will change with sentiment, but in the long term will return to true value. With the proper plan and portfolio, this is an opportunity to add to names we only hoped to add at these levels that in the long term are likely to bring massive BO$$ Profits!

Even though we are off to a slow start, 2018-2019 in my belief will melt records and hopefully turn those in the game into Kings and Queens of Crypto Arendelle. It’s not how you start, its how you finish!


*This is not financial advice nor am I a financial advisor. These are my opinions of what I am doing and for entertainment purposes only.*


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