EtherSoccer is Still Under the Radar. Make a Suggestion, Get a Kitty!


Soccer is Back

There are 2 soccer themed “hot potatoe games” as they call them out now. The first one World Crypto Cup is pretty mature now. You can still make some money when new players are released, but thats about it. The teams, clubs and nations are too expensive for my wallet at least. The newest one is great. The entry level is low in comparison, and there is plenty of room to grab nations, clubs and player because less than 30 have been released so far. Feel free to check it out.. I own France. Remember to play responsibly.

EtherStocks is Getting a New Look!

The dev team is busy giving EtherStocks a new look. If you have trouble with the site right now, you can use the old one. The stock names are different, but all the info and stats are correct. . The floor is still slowly rising. I can tell everyone is taking my advice and spreading their investments across the whole market. I will continue to tip everyone before I make an investment on a stock to give you time to invest before me. You can keep up with news like this on our discord .

Now is your chance to win a Free CryptoKitty! All you have to do is make a suggestion to improve’s look or features.


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