Green Figures and Great News


The last 24 hours have been a much better experience than the prior 36 hours dating back to Wednesday. All of the top cryptocurrencies are back in green figures and are now trending back upward where we all like to see them.

Bitcoin is back in 5 digits valuated at $10,400 USD per BTC. Litecoin is back over $200 with a price of $212. USD. Ethereum is pushing back and heading over $900 after a rough couple of days as well, currently priced at $875.75 USD.

There is so much great news coming out of the Bitcoin and Litecoin communities specifically. As my readers know, these are my two favorite cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Litecoin have worked as a team to grow the cryptocurrency community with many of the major Bitcoin implementations occurring and being BETA tested on the Litecoin Network first.

The great news pertains to adoptions by Coinbase and Bitfinex adopting SEGWIT which is going to increase network speed exponentially. SEGWIT will allow for the exchanges to increase transaction times for customers using their service while providing lower fees for transactions.

But, the greatest news is coming exclusively out of the Litecoin (LTC) community. Not only is SEGWIT going to be a huge boost to the Litecoin economy, the addition of Litepay is going to be a major boost on February 26th. Litepay is a debit card that is going to allow Litecoin holders to use their Litecoin via debit card transactions for regular every day purchases. Litepay is the biggest news of 2018 for cryptocurrency thus far, primarily innovation drives the cryptocurrency community and providing an everyday use case for the utility of cryptocurrency will draw even further adoption and intrigue from those not yet involved in cryptocurrencies. Litepay and SEGWIT adoption are great news for Litecoin but there is also Litepal being releasd. Litepal is a Litecoin First Payment Processor.  This will further the utility of Litecoin to the free market and is great news for anyone that likes to see the price rise as causation to innovation and not mere speculation by large whale investors.

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My name is R.L. Bryer and I go by the name Pittsburgh HODLr. I grew up in the United States and studied at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. There I studied English Literature & Economics. During University I developed an interest in Bitcoin and then Litecoin that turned into a passion for cryptocurrencies over the last 6 years. In 2012 I found out about Bitcoin and I devote much of my time to spreading the adoption of Bitcoin and Litecoin to help mankind.


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