Hugh new from electroneum! (again)


Electroneum has some big news to come this week so maybe its time to buy the rumer? this is not a financial advice…

here are a summery of them:

1 . They are going to present their mobile miner app at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which will start tommorow , February 26 – march 1st

2 . “the (long awaited) mobile miner for Android phones will be launched this week during the Mobile World Congress. We now also HAVE a solution for iOS (iPhones) and HOPE to have that available to install this week too!! That will mean ALL Electroneum iOS users will soon be able to install the app, and even though it will be in beta (a test mode) it will allow full functionality, including allowing them to mine ETN and keep their earnings.”

  • they actually saying that they will launch their main product which is the mobile miner app for android – which means people will be able to mine etn coins with their mobile for free! if they disappoint and wont do it as they did so many times before they will have to pay a big price for their credibility so I think they will actually release it this time. will it be any good? we shall see ..

3 . “We are also releasing some really exciting news during (or potentially just after) the show which I would LOVE to hint about here, but my lips are sealed until I get a sign-off from Dentons, the 6th or 7th largest law firm in the world. We’ve been working on something top secret with them for a couple of months that should be ready to announce this week!! Keep an eye on social media!”

4 . Exchange – Kucoin to be listed this week, Hitbtc on march. Qryptos exchange is already live, cryptopia having issues so they need to be quick with the other exchanges and If they go through with the mobile miner the exchanges will act faster.

5 . “We just signed another two agreements, one with a company that has access to a further 30m users, who are keen to recommend our app, and one with a payment integration company to help us integrate with the mobile operators, allowing their users to purchase airtime and data with ETN. We’ll get the full details out as soon as we can after the show!”

  • this is interesting because it will give the etn coin a purpose and people will actually use it to pay for stuff instead of exchange it to other crypto currencies which is the company goal.

The price has risen today 13.22% to $0.080809 USD , I think this news is causing it because it sounds really promising. do you own due diligence if u see fit to invest or add more to this one. Im already in and I think Im going to increase my holdings now before the potential big rise.


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