IOTA Cryptocurrency Review


IOTA is a coin that originally I was very bullish on. This was do to the fact i’d heard that IOTA wasn’t based on a blockchain and thus with its design could handle scalability issues better.

So I figured i’d try and purchase a little IOTA. And I did.

But I never was able to receive my IOTA. The wallet is complete trash. If you aren’t tech savvy you have literally zero chance of even logging into the wallet because you need to create your own seed via a random number generator that meets their very specific requirements. And that’s not all, you need to get into terminal to generate the seed every single time you log in. Fun stuff!

Transaction Time: So I purchased the coins on a Monday and waited nearly 7 days before I gave up on ever receiving them. I ended up canceling the transaction and the seller understood and refunded my money for the purchase like a gentlemen.

There is no way IOTA is even remotely close to being valued at $3.50 USD where it is today, there are ICO’s with much better wallets than IOTA.

Low transaction costs are worthless if the network has such a bad congestive failure at such a low adoption level; moreover, my faith in IOTA is slim to none after my experience. To be continued.

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Author: Pittsburgh HODLr

My name is R.L. Bryer and I go by the name Pittsburgh HODLr. I grew up in the United States and studied at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. There I studied English Literature & Economics. During University I developed an interest in Bitcoin and then Litecoin that turned into a passion for cryptocurrencies over the last 6 years. In 2012 I found out about Bitcoin and I devote much of my time to spreading the adoption of Bitcoin and Litecoin to help mankind.


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