One Account For All Currencies & Cryptocurrencies


Saifu calls itself a “crypto-fiat financial institution” and has been conducting an ICO for a few days. The company based in the Czech Republic wants to use the capital raised through the ICO to implement an aggressive growth strategy and expand its service offerings.

Saifu’s goal is to bring crypto currencies into the mainstream, allowing customers to securely buy, sell and manage both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies on a secure, regulated platform.

Anyone interested in the platform can already test the software in a public beta version.

What distinguishes Saifu from other ICOs is that it offers both private and business accounts for both Fiat and cryptocurrencies, plus an Exchange service. This service is intended to provide “bank-like” security, a cryptocurrency custody service, wire transfers and payment services – all on one platform. This overall package is to be supervised by a regulated external service company.

Put simply, customers should have an account where crypto and fiat currencies can be stored, exchanged at low rates and transmitted via SEPA / SWIFT. Account holders should be able to pay all their daily needs in cryptocurrencies by using a Mastercard linked to their cryptocurrency account. In addition, business customers should be able to perform payroll accounting.



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