Uzbekistan Legalizing Bitcoin/Crypto “electronic money.” – 3rd Cheapest Place to Produce a Bitcoin in The World


Uzbekistan is officially showing support to the blockchain world. It comes as a surprise after an almost 180 degree turn around when before they were calling Bitcoin and Crypto an instrument to fund terrorism. They are now referring to it as “electronic money.” It has been approved by President Mirziyoyev and they will also put up a Center for Blockchain called “Distributed Ledger Technologies. More great news coming out when country after country is starting to see the potential cryptocurrencies and blockchain has to offer. There’s also a link below to the countries that have the cheapest electricity to mine bitcoin. Will the government start mining Bitcoin? Uzbekistan is the 3rd cheapest place in the world to produce bitcoin! We shall see! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below 🙂

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